Love, Loss, and What I Wore
. . . a collection of intimate stories

by Nora & Delia Ephron
based on the book (Love, Loss, ...) by Ilene Beckerman

directed by Erin Riley

May 18 - June 10, 2018
Fri & Sat - 8pm / Sun - 2pm

Love, Loss, and What I Wore is a collection of intimate stories complied by Nora and Delia Ephron based on the 1995 book (Love, Loss, ...) by Ilene Beckerman. A series of monologues and ensemble pieces about women, clothes and memory covering all the important subjects—mothers, prom dresses, mothers, buying bras, mothers, hating purses and why we only wear black. The subject matter of the monologues includes women's relationships and wardrobes and at times the interaction of the two, using the female wardrobe as a time capsule of a woman's life.

"Funny and compelling…but, not a comedy: A story about black cowboy boots becomes a sad tale of being underappreciated in a relationship; a tale of two women shopping for their wedding outfits ends bittersweetly; and the recollection of a new bra is a quiet testament to a women's search for dignity while undergoing treatment for breast cancer." —NY Times.

"So funny and so powerful; so dear and sweet; so remindful of our female wiles, our worries, our insecurities, our remembrances of mother, father, sisters, brothers, lovers—I think it can't miss." —

TEN SPOT THURSDAY - May 24, 2018 - 8:00pm
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TALK BACK with Cast & Director - Sunday, May 27, 2018 
 - following the matinee performance.

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