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Wedding of the Century
(U.S. Premiere)

By Devon Williamson

Directed by Mark Putnam

After the successful run of My InLaws are Outlaws last season, Devon has agreed to let HART perform his new play for the first time outside of New Zealand.

Welcome to the Rest in Peace Rest Home, the place “they are dying to get in and dying to get out”. Sister Dorothy, a 99-year-old nun, gets a shock when her prayers are disturbed by the sudden appearance of a “satanic” figure in her room; visiting Goth girl Jessica. Jessica, who has arrived to pursue a school project, cheerfully assures Dorothy that she will not make it to her 100th birthday next week. But Sister Dorothy has a shock of her own in store for Jessica, as well as wacky chums Nelly and Phyllis, along with snobby rest home owner Maxine. Not only does she intend to make it to her birthday, the nun declares that her one wish is to get married on the big day. Everyone is puzzled by who she has in mind for a bridegroom but Dorothy insists she has faith that it will all end well. Even the formidable Mother Superior Pat is unable to dissuade the errant nun. Dorothy knows exactly who she has in mind to marry, and it all goes back to her long-cherished memories of Aditya, the handsome young chai wallah (tea seller) she met in India in 1938. All of which means the madcap antics of this sparkling comedy end in a surprising and utterly romantic twist.

Performing February 9 - 25, 2018

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