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Communication Doors by Alan Ayckbourn

This intricate comic thriller by the British master of farce. Three women. One hotel suite. In 1997, one on her honeymoon. In 2017, one about to be murdered. In 2037, one discovers a very unique door that holds the key to all three lives, when she overhears a confession of murder that sends her fleeing thru the communicating door of the hotel suite that leads, not into the adjacent hotel room, but another time. Will the women be able to foil the murderer and rewrite history or will the evil murderer succeed?

A Time-Travelling Murder Mystery Farce - not for young children

7:25 pm:  1-19, 1-20, 1-26, 1-27, 2-1, 2-2 & 2-3

1:55 pm:  1-21, 1-28 & 2-4

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Opening Weekend: $9-$11

Thursday Performances: $11-$13

Weekend Performances: $13-15 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday; other than Opening Weekend)