Sunday, September 24th

Hosted by Juventas New Music, the Boston New Music Festival Symposium will be held on Sunday, September 24th from 11:30AM-6PM at Killian Hall on the campus of MIT. It will include panel discussions on topics relevant to contemporary music, such as music and technology, contemporary opera, the logistics of running a new music ensemble, and more. The speakers will include the city’s leading performers, administrators, and composers, with special guest Claire Chase.

Tickets are $15 and also include the option to receive a comped ticket for a performance by the Juventas New Music Ensemble later that evening.

11:30-12 Opening remarks, welcome. Refreshments will be served.
12-1:30 Community Engagement & Representation
1:30-2:30 Opera and the New Music Scene
[Lunch on own--opportunity to connect with fellow new music leaders]
3:30-4:45 Music and Technology
4:45-6 Leading a New Music Organization: fundraising, marketing, and collaboration
7:30-9 Juventas Concert featuring flutist Claire Chase and works by Boston-based composers

Community Engagement
How to we ensure our communities at large are exposed to new music, feel ownership over the development of new work, and are represented in our work?

Maria Finkelmeier
Seychelle Dunn
Claire Chase
Sarah Bob

Opera and the New Music Scene
Chamber and idie new opera has become progressively more prevalent and the field of opera at large has become a leader in new music (Philip Glass is currently the most-performed opera composer in the US, with Jake Hegge close behind). How do we learn from the opera field and connect what has been achieved to our work in other classical music sectors?

Lidiya Yankovskaya (moderator)
Scott Wheeler
Aliana de la Guardia
Dan Shore
Esther Nelson

Music and Technology
How has the use of technology in music changed over the past 10-15 years? What role does electronic music play in today’s context? What is the future of robotics and interactive software in music-making? How does this affect acoustic composers & performers?

Peter Van Zandt Lane (moderator)
Scott Barton
Akito Van Troyer
Erin Gee

Leading a new music organization in Boston
Discussing the challenges and opportunities of leading a Boston-based new music organization, and what we can learn from new music organizations elsewhere. Topics will include fundraising challenges, marketing, and how organizations can best collaborate and maximize resources.

Lidiya Yankovskaya (moderator)
Maria Finkelmeier
Claire Chase
John-Morgan Bush

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Admission: $15

Includes entry to workshops as well as free entry to the concert the evening of the 24th.