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One of the most incredible and influential films in cinema. For twelve hours over the course of the evening of December 3, 1966, director Shirley Clarke and her friends interviewed Jason Holiday about his life, his loves, his work and his beliefs. Jason, a 33-year-old hustler dreaming of a career as a nightclub entertainer, dazzles the audience with stories of confrontations with his family growing up in Trenton, the orgies he has attended, and the hustling that has formed the pattern of his life as a black, gay man. He recalls his college days before dropping out, working as a bar hustler and as a servile houseboy in San Francisco, becoming a heroin addict and spending time in jail, and his time in a hospital mental ward. He describes his existence while waiting for his dream to come true: “I have more than one ‘hustle,’ I’ll come on as a maid, a butler, a flunky, anything to keep from punching the nine to five… I am scared of responsibility and I am scared of myself because I’m a pretty frightening cat… Like I don’t mean any harm, but the harm is done.”

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