The 12th Annual NW Women's Comedy Festival

You’ve heard of a “baker’s dozen,” but what about a “comedian’s dozen”? That’s when 12 hysterical people take the stage on one night and you laugh so hard your cheeks and your sides hurt for days. The 12th annual NW Women’s Comedy Festival will feature a dozen of the most fabulous, funny females on the west coast ready to bring you to tears of joy and silliness. This year’s performers are: Becky Braunstein, Molly Elwood, Bethany Howe, Andy Iwancio, Gabby Jesus, Dawn Lutrell, Kate Murphy, Joanie Quinn, Kelly Richardson, Kelly Wilson, a comedian to be announced, and emcee Leigh Anne Jasheway. Bring a friend or a dozen and escape the “real” world for a while. Laugh the night away instead.

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Assigned Seating $25