The Last Lion: Winston Churchill 

Saturday, September 15th @ 7pm

On May 1st 1997, Andrew Edlin premiered his one-man show as the charismatic statesman, author, orator, soldier, and wit, Sir Winston Churchill. The most frequent and compelling response from audiences to this one man play is “I was inspired.” It is April 1955. Churchill, aged 80, 'the Man who won the War', agonizes in his wartime London bunker whether to resign as Prime Minister. The Cold War with Russia gathers pace. Winston is old, tired, and losing his grip. In making his choice, he rolls back the years and reviews his uniquely eventful career, filled with history-changing events and people, glorious speeches, pithy comments, funny stories, his checkered relationship with his family, and all the wit and wisdom that has made Churchill far beyond one of history's greatest figures into an imperishable legend.

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