The John Fogerty/CCR Story!

presented by Sunnyside Productions

Much MORE than just a Tribute! Starts with a World Class Impersonator; Worked with Legends in Concert USA and Legends Alive Canada! As Close As It Gets! The Look, The Music, The Story!
We Pay Homage to the LEGENDARY MAN and HIS MUSIC!

A unique opportunity to experience the rise of the legendary ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival'. Explore the story and music of the driving force behind the band; take a ride on the Bayou, from the beginning of the group, and into the solo career of
John Fogerty. A not to be missed, nostalgic and explosive,

Out of the Fog Comes The Man, The Group, The Music, The Story

*Any Resemblance to The Original Artist is Completely Intentional*

January 20, 2018 8pm

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$39 All seats