Gunner and Clara Johnson, owners of The Bunyan, a tiny north woods bar, have been married “a long time,” the romance has left the marriage, and Clara would like to get it back. When Gunner finds a pamphlet that Clara was hiding for “Divorce Fantasy Camp,” he realizes he needs to do something to convince his wife he’s a good husband. At the same time, Bernice, the pretty waitress, gets engaged to Aarvid, a karaoke salesman. Gunner’s twin sister, Trigger (played by Gunner) comes to town and proposes to Kanute, the local business icon. It’s a double wedding. Will anyone get cold feet? Would someone try to derail the wedding? Will Clara go to Divorce Fantasy Camp? What could possibly go wrong? Everything. Rest assured, nothing will go as wedding-planned in Bunyan Bay.

*Mild Adult Themes

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