October 5-14

A Parody: The Red Mill (A Musical Parody)

The "Douche" is a very naughty little villian who loves to take advantage of the women who work at the old Red Mill, he uses "love" as a weapon. In truth, as givers of pleasure in the oldest profession our ladies of the evening are no strangers to entertaining men ... but even THEY have their limits! The "Douche" threatens to expose their secrets, close their mill and scatter them to the four corners of Europe - if they do not go along with his tawdry and lascivious intentions. Is there no justice? Will a hero step up to help our sad little mill worker or will her freedom be taken away? Will love win the day or will our heroine have to face the world alone? How tragic, how dramatic, how fun!

Adapted to the stage by the ACT Players

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