The World of Magic: Where a Dream Comes True

November 16, 2018 ♦ 7:30pm

“The World of Magic – Where a Dream Comes True” is a lush production featuring high energy magic illusions and whimsical variety arts woven into a story of hope. The story is about a young boy who gets captivated by a big illusion show and is driven to be a performer when he grows up. But, like so many of us, he is distracted from reaching his dreams for decades. You’ll be amazed and astonished, intrigued and entertained. You’ll laugh and perhaps shed a tear. The show features Vegas-style illusions, heart-pounding music, and variety arts reminiscent of yesteryear. The story of the character’s desire to make a dream come true is the story of many of us… and it is why this is a show that is perfect for audiences of all ages. It is sure to capture your imagination!

“The World of Magic”, an original theatrical experience produced by David Thomas. Thomas has earned both an Emmy award and adulation as a producer of world-class entertainment for more than 20 years. With a story by David Hira, the two have collaborated to create a modern classic – a story of perseverance to realize one’s dream through a powerfully rich magic and illusion show. The show stars David Hira and David Thomas and a fantastic cast.

“The World of Magic – Where a Dream Comes True”, is perfect for couples on a date night, friends for an evening out or the whole family for a night of unbelievable surprises that leaves everyone feeling as if anything is possible. For indeed, anything is!

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Orchestra: $34.00
Mezzanine: $29.00
Balcony: $26.00

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Orchestra: $36.00
Mezzanine: $31.00
Balcony: $28.00

Student 10 and under -  Save $8.00