Bartók, Presto featuring James Stern, violin

“Viola Spaces” featuring Miriam English Ward, viola

 Amplified Viola featuring Miriam English Ward, viola and Elisa Clegg, viola

 Copland, Hoedown featuring Eva Richey, violin and Gerald Robbins, piano

 Massenet, Meditation from Thais featuring Katherine Schultz, cello and Mei-Ting Sun, piano

Bloch, Nigun featuring Asi Matathias, violin and Victor Stanislavsky, piano

Kreisler, Recitativo and Scherzo featuring James Stern, violin

Mozart, Der Spiegel (The Mirror) featuring Eva Richey, violin and James Stern, violin

Hindemith "Minimax"  Alte Karbonaden featuring James Stern, violin, Eva Richey, violin, Elisa Clegg, viola and Sally Singer, cello

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Ticket price is $45.00 per person

This performance does not qualify for the "Build Your Own Festival" discount