June 22

Law & Disorder

Drop your weapons!! Pickola Telsa's comedy scientists are excited about their latest creation! "Law & Disorder: Sketch Comedy Unit" is a stinky swat team van full of original sketch comedy and musical parody! Pickola's scientists go deep undercover ( within the safety of their lab of course) to investigate cop documentaries, courtroom dramas and crime cliches. They can't wait to re-enact their hilarious findings for you! What happens when a crime reenactment team arrives too early? Is Judge Judy getting carried away? What's the newest version of CSI? What do mobsters do in their spare time? Find out in this PG-13, clever comedy show. Don't forget to wear sunglasses and mustaches for extra fun!

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$15. ACT member discounts apply if you buy in advance using our online system.

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