George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Sherrionne Brown
02/15/19 - 03/10/19
Fri & Sat at 8pm; Sun at 2pm

Eliza Doolittle, an intelligent, but poor woman who sells flowers . . . crosses paths with Henry Higgins, a boorish, insensitive, but brilliant linguist who studies phonetics. He realizes we are all equal under the skin and that social class is a matter of skilled behavior. What starts as a phonetic experiment becomes a social experiment. As these two headstrong people spar, we follow Eliza through to her emotional and financial independence, as Eliza herself realizes she was already a lady. The sparkling wit and biting humor of Shaw's script has made Pygmalion into a classic which has endured for over a century, still speaking to us about the false constructs of social class and wowing us with a portrayal of a strong woman who overcomes the conventions of her time.

Ten Spot Thursday: Feb 21, 2019 All tickets for this performance just $10
Talk Back: Sun, Mar 3, 2019 Post Show discussion with cast & director following the matinee performance.

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