The Schonberg Fellows:
Joanna Kotze  ‘lectric eye
Molly Lieber & Eleanor Smith Shower Show
Anna Sperber Again the Wolves

Bessie Award winner JOANNA KOTZE will show an excerpt of a new work-in-progress entitled ‘lectric eye. A collaboration with dancers Molly Heller and Maya Lee-Parritz and composer Ryan Seaton, ‘lectric eye explores the fragility and inauthenticity of identity, challenging the perception of self - who we think we are and who we can become - while confronting emotional, physical, and societal barriers.

Photo: Stephanie Berger

Focused on the bodily desire to heal oneself in connection with others, MOLLY LIEBER and ELEANOR SMITH challenge perceptions of female identity, alongside the vulnerability necessary to trust and support each other. They will perform Shower Show, a declaration of love, commitment, catharsis, and rage. Continuing their 10 year challenge of making work based in abstraction but in response to trauma, Shower Show uses the potentialities of Lieber & Smith’s bodies to confront perceptions of female identity and understand the multiplicity of joy, pain, and suffering.

Photo: Maria Baranova-Suzuki

ANNA SPERBER is a Brooklyn-based choreographer and performer. Her work has been described by The New York Times as “compelling,” with “moments of theatrical magic” and “a tension between formality and chaotic wildness.” Again the Wolves will explore ideas of reclamation within female embodiment. Guided by the idea that seeing and being seen are reciprocal sources of strength, the piece will explore themes of empowerment and agency through an intensification of presence in both performers and audience.

Photo: Ian Douglas


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