Theatre Series: Helen

Helen retells the myth of Helen of Troy. It chronicles her struggle to come to terms with the abuse inflicted on her by various men in her life, and with her role as the catalyst of the Trojan War. As she attempts to find agency in the fate imposed on her by the gods, she finds unexpected comfort and solidarity in the support of the prophetess Cassandra and a chorus of five female slaves.

Content note: sexual references and violence

Location: Pumphouse - Victor

Production Team
Megan Couch (Playwright), Madeleine Taylor-Gregg (Director), Alix Cowman (Sound Designer), Lyall Miller (Set & Lighting Designer) Adrienne Kern (Stage Manager)
Shea Heatherington (Adoni), Sarah Haggeman (Phaidra), Emily Schoen (Helen), Keanna Sollid (Cassandra), Laura Couch (Io), Madonna Gonzalez (Ourania), Sarah Ord (Korinna), Conrad Belau (Menelaus)

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