Performance Series: Into the Abyss

Go out of body, into the imaginative abyss, with one interdisciplinary and two dance performances that transfer the inner human into the outer abstract of a plant, a myth, a trauma.

Location: Pumphouse - Victor

Stage Manager(s)
Jessica Haggeman (Stage Manager), Nicole Raposa (Assistant Stage Manager)

Lighting Designer
Sklyar Desjardins

Resurrected Motif: El Duende
A fusion of contemporary and flamenco dance chasing the bodily experience of El Duende. (Choreographed by Jen Dunford) 
Sebastian Bolessa, Charlotte Brown, Aphra Sutherland

Mel Vee & Kloee Huberdeau
A spoken word poet and performer & visual artist explore the perennial themes of struggle, resilience, legacy.

A dance that explores the anthropomorphism of tropical flora. A special thank you to Deanne Walsh, Laura Kleiner, Jennifer Burgess, D’on Duncan and the dancers, for greatly aiding in the creation of this project. (Choreographed by Sabrina Naz) 

Janelle Schiffner, Cindy Ansah, Stephanie Jurkova-Abaco, Christahh Ahh, Chenise Mitchell

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