Performance Series: X Marks The Spot

Join two exciting dance pieces and two interdisciplinary performances to find out what X marks for their artistic journey. It is not always treasure that lies at the end of a journey!

Location: Pumphouse - Victor

Stage Manager(s)
Jessica Haggeman (Stage Manager), Nicole Raposa (Assistant Stage Manager)

Lighting Designer
Sklyar Desjardins

The Convoluted
Choreographed by Frankie Warren, a dance that presents a vision on AI and non-human operated machinery.
Hannah Isbister, Shondra Cromwell-Krywulak, Alyssa Maturino, Melissa Fernanda Avila, Waverly Spratt, Emily Losier

Gathering Angels
Choreographed by Katharina Schier, a dance inspired by the flocking nature birds, which demonstrate harmony and connectivity.
Christina Robertson, Megan Muckle, Alyssa Perron, Alyssa Maturino, Cindy Ansah

The Stars
Jennifer Leblanc & PHI Illuminated Design Performance artist & new-media collective combine the worlds of clown, puppetry, wearable art & technology.

Selling Happiness
Jordyn Wood & Kayla Craig Theatre artist and film & new Media artist are the Happy Helpers at JoyCo and are here to sell you happiness.

DMTv Improv
A tech and TV savvy improv troupe records improvised interactions with festival goers to present it on the evening news.

Adam Sondergard, Alexander Yanko, Brett Hutchinson, Brandon Eyck, Jordan Smits, Kenya Gimson, Savian Sills, Sam Lekerski,Gheenl Miguel

Content Note:
Flashing lights (not advised for those with photosensitivity)

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