Performance Series: Moxie

Focused, unwavering, grit. No this isn’t a truck commercial, this is two dance pieces and one improv troupe showcasing how humans transform their environments, with courage and ambition.

Location: Pumphouse - Victor

Stage Manager(s)
Brittany Repper (Stage Manager), Lorenzo Arevalo (Assistant Stage Manager)

Lighting Designer
Sklyar Desjardins

Flight, Flight, Freeze
Choreographed by Amy Badry In the aesthetic of hip hop and other street style dances, this piece explores the roles and rituals that evolve in environments of stress.
Travis Nguyen, Zam Ramirez, Justin Cancio

Choreographed by Sean Def a dance that draws inspiration from a research project known as The Onlife Initiative, which investigates the trajectory of the informational era.
Frankie Warren, Lauren Brady, Christahh Ahh
Piece 3.

Rogue Vocals A musical Improv experience taking you to all kinds of melodic places.
Jon Jeffrey, Pol Subirana, Natalie Johnstone, Miranda Botto, James Jordan, Stephen Peasley

DMTv Improv A tech and TV savvy improv troupe records improvised interactions with festival goers to present it on the evening news.
Adam Sondergard, Alexander Yanko, Brett Hutchinson, Brandon Eyck, Jordan Smits, Kenya Gimson, Savian Sills, Sam Lekerski,Gheenl Miguel

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