Performance Series: Bullseye

Sometimes the best way to hit the mark is by trying something completely new. Watch one solo improv show and two interdisciplinary pieces reset the board and dig into different stories and different values in order to hit new centers.

Location: Pumphouse - Joyce

Stage Manager(s)
Brittany Repper (Stage Manager), Lorenzo Arevalo (Assistant Stage Manager)

4 Chairs

One man will be joined by 4 chairs and 5 audience suggestions to create a 100% improvised show.

Improviser: Conner Christmas


Emily Losier & Kimberly Ihekwoaba A dance choreographer and a multi-media storyteller create a piece inspired from recent news stories.

The Story of the Listener: 

Erika Low & Sepidar Yeganeh Farid A dancer and theatre artist create a piece showcasing voices of solitary listeners & caregivers.

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