Performance Series: Fearless

Fearlessness is willingness, nothing more, nothing less. In this series, be confronted with one improv troupe willing to traverse the unknown and one theatre piece willing to expose the explicit. Be brave and go with them.

Location: West Village

Stage Manager(s)
Zachary Page (Stage Manager), Kade Mazury (Assistant Stage Manager)

Alacrity Improv
A ragtag group of improvisers exploring the infinite playground of the unknown.
Jennifer Chevais, Chris Ford, Nelize Gignoux, Hector Guzman, Jennie Hansen, A.J. Kandy, Lyre Orcajada, Stephen Peasley

The Problem With Snow
A theatre reading of a one-man show examining privilege through the lens of a white, cis, gay man - Snow.
Yousuf Liepert (Playwright), Kris Vanessa Teo (Director), Michael Rolfe (Snow)

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