On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson

This 1979 play that was adapted to a beloved movie in 1981 takes us into the marriage of Ethel and Norman Thayer as they return to their summer home for the 48th year. When they are visited by their middle-aged daughter, who leaves her teenage son with them for the summer, family wounds are uncovered while the boy quickly becomes the grandchild the elderly couple has longed for and lessons are learned in all three generations.

“While On Golden Pond is loaded with humorous one-liners ... it also contains important themes such as love, connections, and burying the hatchet in order to pursue a fresh start.”
— Chicago Stage Standard

* Performed on the Pull-Tight stage in 1997

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$18 Adult
$16 Senior (age 60 and up)
$12 Child / Student (with an ID)