When Melissa comes forward with the story of her sexual assault in grade 12, instead of support, she finds instead a fight against the school she loved, an administration she trusted, and classmates she valued. A story of healing, recovery, and most importantly color, Vibrant is a true story of the Calgary education system. Told from the perspective of a college age Melissa, this piece plays with colored paint and movement to ask the question: when the people in charge won’t protect you, who will?

The performance takes place behind Pumphouse Theatre.

Content Warnings: Talk of sexual violence and assault, mature language.


Ainsley Daumler
Nancy Ngo
Ivy Padmos
Mikenzie Page
Emily Snell

Writer: Mikenzie Page

Mikenzie Page
Jaslyn Collis

Stage Manager / Set & Poster Design: Geneviève DeNault

June 5-8, 7:00 pm
Pumphouse Park

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