September 29, 2018
6:15 pm Concert Connection
7:00 pm Concert
$10 $15 $25 Adult $5 $8 $12 Child

Okaidja was born into a family of musicians and storytellers in the village of Kokrobite on the west coast of Ghana. His musical journey unites the past of his native homeland with modern landscapes in a dynamic fusion of traditional and contemporary African rhythms and diverse music of the world. The result is a spicy fusion of spirited cross-cultural influences. Okaidja’s songs tell the story of his people and their journeys through the disparate lands where they were scattered. Through drums, guitar, vocals, and dance, Okaidja and his ensemble present music of the shared human experience…joyous, tragic, and ultimately uplifting.

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$10 $15 $25 Adult

$5 $8 $12 Child