SEPTEMBER 14 & 15 •

The Grandtones were favorites at the Nightclub for several years. They stopped performing as a group a couple years back but we are pleased to have coaxed them back for a two-night reunion performance. The Grandtones combine the Grand's own great Doo Wop singers Ron Paul, Marv Myhre and Art Bigornia with the exciting Rock-It-Science duo John Tsotsos and Bob Arnold. They take us way back to those wonderful songs that featured harmonizing groups - In The Still of the Night, Earth Angel, Come Go With Me. The songs step up with John and Bob on guitars bringing some great Rock & Roll music. The Nightclub is known for its feel-good, remember when shows and the Grandtones deliver in style. No need to travel far to catch this special 2-night reunion. Tickets may be purchased online at or Also available at the Activities Desk at Sonoran (open M-F; 9am to 4 pm)
$20/person 6 p.m. Cash Bar; 7 p.m. Performance Cimarron Center

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