Circle Players proudly presents a command performance of:

an original collection of monologues and scenes
written and directed by Khy Garner

Aug 10 and 11 @ 8pm
Aug 12 @ 3 pm

$20 per ticket (credit cards valid for online purchase, cash only at the box office)

This performance is not recommended for audiences under 16 years of age.

A portion of the performance proceeds will benefit Circle Players’ general improvements fund.

“In 2005 I started journaling and writing about experiences that had shaped me or changed my perspective on certain social issues,” Garner says in his introduction to the piece. “There were certain situations that had transpired around or about me that I didn’t have the language for. It challenged me be creative and give situations my perspective.

“Here’s an example. Imagine receiving the news of a friend’s volatile divorce. Your friend might be able to explain to you what took place but the action of that scene can’t be explained unless you yourself can envision the setting, every detail of what was said by whom, and witnessing the entire mood. You are left then to… fill in the blanks.”

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All tickets: $20.00