We can't physically transport ourselves back in time, but we can 'REWIND" briefly and recall some of the important times in our lives through the music that was popular then. This year's Celebration features SCG residents singing and playing favorite pop songs ranging from the 1950's through the 1980's; from oldies, to classic rock, to folk and country. This is a live and lively musical event which is sure to make you think of the good times in your life, bring a smile to your lips, and maybe even a nostalgic tear to your eye. Sonoran Skies Band will serve as the studio musicians and will be accompanying the SCG guest artists for their musical selections. In addtion, the Band will also be featured performing some of their own repertoire of pop music. For more information, contact Sherry Bennett at 616-450-0327 or Tickets are available at or or at the Activities Desk (open M-F 8am - 4pm) 
Reserved seating
$15/person; 6 p.m. Cash Bar; 7 p.m. Performance, Sonoran Plaza

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