WARNING: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not recommended for the easily offended. This show deals with MATURE subject matters in an IMMATURE way. 

ASOC Presents: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

October 20th, 10-midnight

Tickets: $10

$15 Bag of Swag, including T-shirt, and all the stuff you'll need to fully participate in the show-- hot dogs, prunes, cards, bell, party hat, toast, toilet paper, confetti, noise maker, rubber gloves, candles, spray bottle, newspapers, rice

Before you set off to your Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, dress the part! Basques, suspenders and high heels are popular for girls and boys, doctors’ scrubs, or, indeed, a copy of any costume worn in the show. Whatever you do, don’t dress in jeans and a T-shirt, nor anything that might get spoiled if you get doused in water!

Our OLCC and health permits do not allow you to bring in food or beverages to our theater, so if you want to throw things, get our Bag of Swag that includes an event t-shirt!

Please select a performance
Sat, Oct 27th, 2018 at 10:00 pm

Tickets: $10, Bag of Swag $15