The Real Lewis and Clark Story,
or How Finns Discovered Astoria

This historically accurate, family friendly, performance from the Astor Street Opry Company is based on a discovery in 2001 of an important pioneer journal uncovered in the Uniontown area of Astoria. Our story comes directly from the long lost journal of an original Clatsop County pioneer. Based on his true tale of adventure, struggle and fortune, ASOC turned his story into a piece of fine theatre stage craft that will work its way into your heart and memory. Come see as our cast of characters right out of the pages of history come alive through re-enactment, song, dance and bad jokes in this lost piece of socially significant melodrama.

Behold the “REAL” story of how Astoria was FIRST discovered by two Finnish boys from the old country, “Minnesota” who with the help of their Mama (and sisters) save the day! Meet Captain Bobby Gray, Miss Jaynie Barnes, the Svenson Sisters, the Brave Indian Guide Sacagawea, the crew of the Corps of Discovery and a whole cast of colorful characters as we witness our courageous heroes forge their way with dedication and commitment from Saint Charles Missouri to the Oregon Pacific Coast battling the wilds of nature, evil villains and suffering great tragedy without ever losing their beer supplies! Watch with awe how they (well actually it was the women) come to the gallant rescue of Captains Meriwether Lewis & William Clark and the Corps of Discovery to reach the end of the Pacific Trail first and settle the city they name “ASTORIA” in honor of their relative, John Jacob Svenson-Astor.

Written by Judith P. Niland, with original music by Dr. Stanley Azen and Dr. Joyce C. Niland of Pasadena, California and Professor Philip Morrill of Astoria, Oregon.

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