Auburn Adventure Film Festival

January 19, 2018, 1:00pm
Auburn Avenue Theater


For those who love the surf, joy comes in waves. Watching these films, it becomes clear why.

Life’s a beach for these women and men: a genre-defying photographer who sees waters in a new light, an artist who paints what he sees every day, another who captures her therapeutic visions on canvas, New Yorkers who catch winter waves and a celebrated clique of pros who risk their limbs, lives and livelihoods in pursuit of the perfect break.

THE OCEAN DOESN’T CARE (d. Mikey deTemple) 6:35
PHTALO BLUE (d. Jules Renault) 6:21
WATER II (d. Morgan Maasen) 4:57
SURFACE (d. John Rodosky) 7:07
EMOCEAN (d. Tony Harrington) 1:03:05

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$10.00 general admission