Auburn Adventure Film Festival

January 19, 2018, 4:00pm
Auburn Avenue Theater


Many compare all things simple to riding a bicycle, and while it’s true, the basics or riding a bike may be easy to remember, but the adventures we enjoy on two wheels are often unforgettable. In this program, we’ll meet a Nepalese kid who built his own cycle to become one of the world’s fastest, an octogenarian who’ll never dismount, an animated father who teaches his daughter how to ride, a father and son who bond during a two-wheeled road trip, two buddies who might wish they’d never biked together and a squadron of pros enduring a trans-Peru ultra-marathon.

RJ RIPPER (d. Joey Schusler) 19:25
IF YOU FALL (d. Tisha Deb Pallai) 6:04
THE ROAD BETWEEN US (d. Katherine Roselli, Joanne Feinberg) 14:13
THE CLIMB (d. Michael Covino) 7:23
INCA DIVIDE (d. Anthony Gordon) 27:48
THE FRENCHY (d. Michelle Smith) 14:19

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$10 General Admission