Auburn Adventure Film Festival

January 19, 2018, 7:00pm
Auburn Avenue Theater


*Filmmakers in attendance*

Because they’re there, we climb them. Mountains have a certain pull, an attraction that’s almost irresistible. We’ll see a mother and daughter venture out on an epic trek, two pros face their worst fears while climbing, high-liners conquer theirs and another animated explorer who longs to set the hills alive with music or, at least, his own special song.

WAVE HANDS LIKE CLOUDS (d. Marga Laube) *World Premiere 2:40
BALANCE (d. Mark Ram) 10:50
THE CLIMB (d. Preston Gibson, Alex Deaton) 1:02
THIS MOUNTAIN LIFE (d. Grant Baldwin) 1:17:25

For more information about the Auburn Adventure Film Festival please contact the Tourism Coordinator at 253-876-1978 or email

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$10.00 General Admisiion