by Puer Aeternus-ensemble theatre company

These unpoetic times . . . they move us not. We behold the sea and answer the call of the spirit realm: “Redemption through destruction.” Developed through an actor-creator process, Tear It Down! is a physical theater “collage” of elided texts by Aeschylus, Shakespeare & Schiller; and live band performances of songs by David Bowie, Cockney Rebel & The Waterboys. The episodic structure is bound together by a vocabulary of visceral gestures and movement (underscored by the music of Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and others). Typical of the company’s work, the linear narrative of Tear It Down! is deliberately minimal, and the question—”What’s it about?”—has no easy or single answer. Themes are not spelled out but merely implied, suggested; threads of ideas are spooled out and left for individual audience members to gather up and knot together in their own way.

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$20 General Admission

$12 Student & Arts Industry Professionals