OCT. 13-20

A Youth Theatre Production in The BOX
Adapted by Toby Hulse

Shakespeare’s tragic romance of the Montagues versus the Capulets, with the star crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet caught in the middle. This adaptation begins with Emily, a young contemporary girl who discovers a book of Romeo and Juliet. As she begins to read, the characters come out of the book to enact the story. Emily thinks that the tale will end like all of her well-loved Disney movies, but she learns that not all stories have a happy ending.

“Few have come up with an adaptation that works better, or even nearly as well as this adaptation by Toby Hulse. This production brings much enjoyment to the audience, and provides them with an admirable introduction to a great play.” -This Is Bristol, Uk

Come and watch this all female cast play directed by Diana Guhin Wooley. In Shakespeare’s time (1597) Romeo and Juliet was performed with all men. Now Romeo and Juliet in 2019 --- the girls will rule!

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