Disney & Cameron Mackintosh's

Mary Poppins"


Come delight in this Broadway version of Mary Poppins! Toe tapping good fun! check out our trailer!


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We have double cast a few roles in this show. If you are attending to see a specific person, please look below for the cast list and the showdates for specific performers.

MARY POPPINS will be played by Brenna McCulloch all performances except March 5th at 2pm when Rowan Hammer will play the role.

BERT will be played by Daniel Abbes all performances except Saturday matinees at 2pm when Aaron Lewis will play the role.

Jolly Cast performance dates:
Thursday, February 18, 16, Evening,  7pm
Saturday, February 20, 16, Evening,  7pm
Sunday, February 21, 16, Matinee,  2pm
Saturday, February 27, 16, Matinee,  2pm
Sunday, February 28, 16, Matinee,  2pm
Friday, March 4, 16, Evening,  7pm
Saturday, March 5, 16, Evening,  7pm
Saturday, March 12, 16, Matinee,  2pm
Sunday, March 13, 16, Matinee,  2pm

Holly Cast performance dates:
Friday, February 19, 16,Evening, 7pm
Saturday, February 20, 16,Matinee, 2pm
Friday, February 26, 16,Evening, 7pm
Saturday, February 27, 16,Evening, 7pm
Saturday, March 5, 16,Matinee, 2pm
Sunday, March 6, 16,Matinee, 2pm
Friday, March 11, 16,Evening, 7pm
Saturday, March 12, 16,Evening, 7pm

Jolly Cast (alphabetical by first name)
Aaron Lewis, Alex Craven, Alex Staben, Alexandra Toner, Anais Main, Anna Keon, Bill Evans, Brenna McCulloch, Caroline Hintzman, Caspian Larkins, Chris Smith, Dakota Jans, Daniel Abbes, Elizabeth Doty, Ellie Gelser, Emma Nylin, Graice Miller, Greg Craven, Henry Foltz, Jake Miller, Janessa Minta, Jesse Greenblatt, Jessie Jones, Joe Wolf, John Foltz, Karrie Woodruff, Katie Craven, Katie Kearns, Katie Myers, Layah Carey, Lyllian Stapper, Maia Gelser, Matthias Mueller, Michaela Mueller, Molly Chambers, Nathan King, Quinn Reynolds, Robbie Allen, Robert Snyder, Robyn Barlow, Roger Hammer, Rowan Hammer, Sequoia Oar, Shae McCarty, Silas Lobnibe, Sydney Hoffman, Sylvia Woodruff, Viola Stark, Zac Wright, Zachary Montagne

Holly Cast (alphabetical by first name)
Annie Neves, Aaron Lewis, Alex Craven, Alex Staben, Alexandra Toner, Anais Main, Andrea Ryker, Andrew Rauch, Bill Evans, Brenna McCulloch, Brianna Brady, Caroline Hintzman, Caspian Larkins, Charlie Hathaway, Dakota Jans, Daniel Abbes, Elena Wright, Ella Rose, Ellie Gelser, Elliette Barlow, Emily Anderson, Emma Beran, Emmaline Westfall, Gabriel Becerra, Graice Miller, Greg Craven, Hayes Blackman, Jake Miller, James Gottllieb, Janessa Minta, Jesse Greenblatt, Joe Wolf, John Foltz, Katie Craven, Katie Kearns, Layah Carey, Lynette, Matthias Mueller, Molly Chambers, Robbie Allen, Robert Snyder, Robin Reimer, Robyn Barlow, Roger Hammer, Rowan Hammer, Ryan Guenther, Sequoia Oar, Shae McCarty, Silas Lobnibe, Zachary Montagne

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