Shakespeare at the Centre Presents: The Tempest

The Tempest opens in the midst of a fierce storm, and the ship containing the king of Naples and his party struggles to stay afloat.

On land, Prospera, who has created the storm with her powerful magic, and her daughter, Miranda, watch as the ship is overwhelmed..

Twelve years earlier, Prospera and Miranda were put out to sea in little more than a raft. Miraculously, they both survived and arrived safely on this island, where Prospero learned to control the magic that she now uses to manipulate everyone on the island, and to take down the ship, containing her enemies. She has plotted this revenge for years.

As the ship sinks, the royal party is cast ashore in three separate groups. Ferdinand, the king’s son is along, and upon first site of Miranda falls instantly in love. Alonso, the king of Naples, and the rest of his party have come ashore on another part of the island. Alonso fears that Ferdinand is dead and grieves for the loss of his son. He is accompanied by Prospero's younger sister Antonia, and his own sister Bastiana.

A court jester and the butler make up the third group of survivors. They drunkenly stumble upon an island creature who takes advantage of them in his own plot for power.

The Tempest is about magic, betrayal, love and forgiveness. ...with a plot to murder the King of Naples, a drunken scheme to kill Prospera and a forbidden romance between Miranda and Ferdinand.

What will magic get them? Will peace and love prevail, or will evil to win out? And does anyone get off the island.?

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Mark Twain in Person

September 26th, 2019 ♦ 7:00pm

Batavia Public Library Foundation and
Batavia Historical Society present

"Mark Twain in Person"
featuring Chicago's Internationally Acclaimed Richard Henzel as Samuel L. Clemens

Celebrate "The Year of Mark Twain in Batavia"
in honor of the sesquicentenary of Samuel L. Clemens’ visit to Batavia in 1869!

A charitable event in support of Batavia Public Library Foundation and the Batavia Depot Museum Expansion Project.

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BFAC show ONLY - Select this option if you are only interested in purchasing a ticket to ONLY the performance at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre at 7:00 pm.

Show AND Cocktails - Select this option if you would like to purchase tickets to both the 7:00 pm performance at the Batavia Fine Arts Centre AND the pre show event, Cocktails with Clemens at the Depot Museum from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

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Catapult: The Amazing Magic of Shadow Dance

September 28, 2019 ♦ 7:30pm

An America’s Got Talent finalist from Season 8, Catapult is a magical production that features incredible dancers who work behind a screen to create shadow silhouettes of shapes from the world around us. Be amazed as you watch their bodies transform into a mountain, an elephant, a dragon, even a helicopter! You’ll never figure out how they do it, and you won’t know what they will create next – you’ll be surprised and delighted again and again. Packed with hundreds of shape transformation, the show is full of humor, emotion and engaging stories.

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October 18, 2019 ♦ 7:30pm

A celebration of the biggest hits by the greatest divas in music history!

Three beautiful female singers with powerhouse voices sing the biggest hits of the greatest divas in music history. This vibrant show spans four decades covering the 1960's through the 1990's with hits by Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Cher, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer, Abba, and many more! Individual members of the group have starred in shows on the Las Vegas Strip, as well as appeared on NBC's The Voice, The Winner Is, and FOX's American Idol.

An enticing mix of pure class, personality, and “goose bump inducing vocals,” Divas3 successfully finds the balance of honoring the iconic hits of the era of the great divas, without being a karaoke or impersonation show. Their unique 3 part arrangements are blended with solid, top notch vocals.

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Jane Lynch: A Swingin' Little Christmas Time

 December 12, 2019 ♦ 7:30pm

Join Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress, singer and comedian, Jane Lynch, as she rings in the holidays with a heartfelt and fun performance of A Swingin’ Little Christmas!—featuring poignant and hilarious takes on classic holiday tunes as well as nostalgia-inspired originals penned by bandleader Tony Guerrero.

Jane Lynch, known for her iconic role on Glee and her Broadway debut as Miss Hannigan in Annie, is joined by her comedic sidekick, and actress, Kate Flannery (The Office) as well as Tim Davis, Glee’s vocal arranger. The trio’s delightful three-part harmonies and onstage banter shine even brighter when backed by the incredible jazz band the Tony Guerrero Quintet.

A Swingin’ Little Christmas! has the sentimental feeling to put you in the holiday spirit, mixed with the zany fun that is Lynch’s M.O.

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Love Letters

February 7, 2020 ♦ 7:30pm

Celebrated playwright A.R. Gurney’s enduring romance about first loves and second chances. 

Love Letters is the story of Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner, two young people from similar backgrounds who take very different paths in life. Despite leading lives which should not intersect, they can’t let go of each other throughout their 50 year friendship, and marriages and families with other people.

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Carole's Kings

March 13, 2020 ♦ 7:30pm

An iconic singer-songwriter gets a brand-new sound in CAROLE’S KINGS, the world’s first all-male Carole King tribute. With lush orchestrations, witty banter, and a cast of three incredibly talented New York stage veterans (one of whom plays live piano throughout the show), CAROLE’S KINGS is a dynamic act jam-packed with chart-topping sensations such as “The Locomotion,” “I Feel the Earth Move,” “You’ve Got A Friend,” and many more. Amazing vocals, hilarious comedy, and a flexible band size perfect for presenters of all budgets make CAROLE’S KINGS a unique experience that’s fun for the whole family!

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Forever Young

June 19, 2020 ♦ 7:30pm

 Forever Young is an exciting new look at the greatest hits of all time. Starring five of the most talented guys you'll ever meet, Forever Young takes you back to the music of your youth, back to the moment you discovered what it meant to set the record down, push play and tune in!

Set in a suburban basement, Forever Young is jam-packed with powerhouse vocals, dynamite choreography and, most importantly, a story of five best friends who discover that a record player can truly change everything. 

Packed full of pop, rock and country classics, Forever Young is ultimately a tribute to your life...and your music! 

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