Holmes Sweet Homocide 

an Interactive Murder Mystery Spoof!

 Move over -- or roll over—Arthur Conan Doyle as we unveil a mystery show that spoofs Victorian customs, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, exotic diseases and cures, and more.
World-famous detective Hemlock Holmes has just returned from a trip to a sanatorium in upstate New York, where he visited a long-lost cousin. Unbeknownst to his sidekick Whatsun, Holmes has brought the cousin, Elmira, back home. When Whatsun finds out the cousin is a beautiful woman with a rare mental disorder called Disrobe-a-phobia, she’s shocked and jealous! (Yes, Whatsun is a woman, too.) Mystery and intrigue abound when Dr. Charles Ovary and his nurse arrive to cure Elmira – and the doctor becomes as infatuated with Elmira as Holmes is!
Your audience will need to keep its eyes and ears open, because someone will be ruthlessly murdered at the end of the play, and it’s up to them to guess who-done-it!

*Mature Themes

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(and then some) 


December 2018

What better way to ring in the holidays than with every Christmas story ever? This fast-paced romp takes you on the Christmas journey of a lifetime, through your favorite holiday classics, and then some. Hold on tight as you take a tinsel-covered roller coaster ride bursting with laughter, carols, and joy, and prepare to leave with more Holiday spirit than you can carry.

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