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December 31, 2019 - February 8, 2020

Directed by Melissa Jensen

Come learn to tackle that temptation with a time-step. Help your fellow sisters raise money to bury their dead sisters, who sadly met their fate from Sister Julia, Child of God, who poisoned them with a bout of botulism. These sisters will put their whole heart into the performance, and you'll find that Nunsense is truly habit-forming---for you will want to come again and again.

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February 21 - April 4, 2020

Directed by Derek and Breanne Hendricks

Based upon the classic novel by Charles Dickens, this musical brings to life a poignant story of an orphan boy in search of a better life and love. With cheery tunes and a reminder of those small pleasures in life, this touching story will leave you wanting more. Who will buy their tickets early?

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Freaky Friday

April 17 - May 30, 2020

Directed by Leslie Richards

Developed from the Disney movie, and now a hit musical, this story of an overworked mother and her teenage daughter switching places is freaky...and full of lessons. Immeasurable love and mutual respect are the products of their magical switch. Bring your mother for Mother's Day, or come hang with us on Friday nights for a good time!

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June 12 - July 25, 2020

Directed by Dennis Ferrin

Based on Roald Dahl's 1988 children's book, this story of a precocious, telekinetic, five-year-old girl teaches audiences how to overcome obstacles...with a bit of a magical twist. Fresh off of Broadway, this enchanting show will mesmerize you. Come smell the rebellion in the air.

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The Wedding Singer

August 7th - September 19th, 2020

Directed by Derek and Breanne Hendricks

We're gonna party like its 1986! Rock your mullet, put on those leg-warmers, and come dance in the aisles to catchy tunes and Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore's comedic movie set to a musical. This flashback will leave you smiling all night. Bring a date and enjoy this awesome love story!

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Somethings A Foot

October 2nd - November 14th, 2020

Directed by Dennis Ferrin

In time for Halloween is this murder mystery musical that spoofs detective stories. When Lord Dudley Rancour is found dead, it is a race against time to solve who-dunnit. Can you guess who the murderer is, before it is too late?

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Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

November 27 - December 23, 2020

Directed by Jacci Florence

(Nighly performances!)

Sing a song of gladness and cheer. For the time of Christmas is here again on our stage. If this isn’t your holiday tradition, come see why it should be. Join Ebenezer Scrooge as he discovers the meaning of Christmas. This heartwarming musical is the perfect addition to the Christmas season. Don’t be a Scrooge! Get your tickets before it is too late.

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