After teenage Brent Bishop gets drunk at a party, causes a car accident, and kills a young woman, the far-reaching consequences of his actions overwhelm him. Desperate to find some way to undo the suffering he's caused, Brent accepts the challenge from the victim’s mother: build four whirligigs in the corners of the country as memorials to her daughter. As Brent takes his journey, four individuals that he never meets find their lives transformed by the whirligigs he builds. But will the teen be able to forgive himself for an unforgivable mistake and move forward with his life?

Be sure to review the synopsis and content of this play and make an informed decision about whether this performance will be appropriate for your child.

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Whirligig - April 4-7, 2019
Adult: $5
Child: $3
BT Student/Staff: Free
Blue & Gold Booster (2 tickets, available via Box Office only)

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