STEEL MAGNOLIAS by Robert Harling

Starring Dagmar Krause Fields, Annie Hinton, Claire Kaplan, Wendy Maples, Liliana Talwatte and Marci Anne Wuebben
Directed by Anthony Methvin

Laughter through tears...

Truvy’s salon in Chinquapin, Louisiana is the go-to place for a beauty fix with a heaping helping of gossip. Alongside her eager assistant Annelle, she pampers her clients with hairdos, manicures, and advice. Anybody who is anybody in town is a regular, including the doting M’Lynn and her headstrong daughter Shelby, the moody Ouiser, and the well-to-do widow Clairee. Through witty banter and wisecracks, these women forge friendships as strong as steel which they are forced to lean on when hard times are on the horizon. This 35th anniversary production honors the singular strength of the Southern woman as it celebrates the essential bonds of the families that we’re born into and those that we choose. Gather the ladies you love, grab a box of tissues, and get ready to feel the joyfulness of connection as you revisit this American classic now when we need it the most.

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An adventure story about getting home...

In the early 1980s of a late October afternoon, local legend and high school superstar Johnny Grimes is on a mission — to get back to his house, finish his book report, and compete in the Conference Basketball Finals the following day. Schoolmate Franky Pinnolini has a similar ambition — to make it all happen. Armed with a relentless adoration for Johnny and a green Huffy BMX bike with a basket, Franky takes Johnny on a journey from the sleek and smooth blacktop of the schoolyard through the strange and peculiar backdrop of a place called home. Set in the wilds of Delaware Valley in the mid-Atlantic region of the eastern seaboard, The October Night of Johnny Zero story is a world premiere based on events — both real and imaginary. Part true crime, part science fiction, the play slips down the rabbit hole of small-town suburban life and comes face to face with the myths and monsters that might lurk just below the surface.

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