Written by: Katherine Harroff & Michael Nieto


Ed Leopold, a failed doctoral candidate, once cared passionately for the coastal cactus wren whose delicate living necessities put the small bird in danger of going extinct. However, upon failing to petition the wren for the Endangered Species List, Ed's life spirals away from his compassion for wildlife and into a detached career in the disordered world of property development. After several professional blunders it is while working on a last-ditch project to help a local organization build a hospital that Ed discovers that the will of the cactus wren is stronger than his self-loathing, and the spiritual and enchanting world of the San Diego Wildlife will bring the dispassionate birder back to his estranged roots. Circle is pleased to bring back the use of puppetry, music, and dance in the telling of this unique and magical production. The piece is appropriate for all audiences.

Featuring Performances by: Veronica Burgess, Katherine Harroff, Michael Nieto, Soroya Rowley, Alex Slade & Justin Tuazon-Martin.

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