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January 17 to Feb 2, Evenings at 7:30pm, Matinees 2:30pm

Comedy by Jerry Mayer
[PG 14 - Mild adult themes]

Two middle-aged strangers, a man and a woman; both married, board an early morning train. They are alone in the same car, doing the Times crossword. One is an organized, sensible, psychologist, the other a free-spirited, unemployed ad exec. When one discards the crossword incomplete, a heavy, but comedic, discourse ensues, which entails intrigue, aggression and problem resolution. The trip is filled with unpredictable, but believable, surprises. As the journey ends it is apparent that they have influenced each other’s lives. The question is then: Will they meet again?

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March 13 to 29, Evenings at 7:30pm, Matinees 2:30pm

Comedy [PG 14 - Mild adult themes]

One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong? It’s 1930s Paris; the stage is set for the concert of the century – as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife, Maira, from causing runaway chaos. Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks and madcap delight.

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May 15 to 31, Evenings at 7:30pm, Matinees 2:30pm

Comedy by Philip King

Galloping in and out of the four doors of an English vicarage are an American actor and actress (he is now stationed with the Air Force in England), a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, an old maid who "touches alcohol for the first time in her life," four men in clergyman suits and a sedate Bishop aghast at all these goings-on and the trumped up stories they tell him.

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July 10 to August 2, Evenings at 7:30pm, Matinees 2:30pm

Melodrama by H. Antoine D'Arcy, Tim Kelly

Insidious villains endeavor to separate Madelaine Mockingbird, chambermaid turned singer, from the fortune left her by an old miner and from her true love: Jack "Toulouse" Goodhart, painter turned tramp. The Face on the Barroom Floor features good character parts, hilarious sight gags, throw away lines, zany action, classic vaudeville routines, and some really terrible (and very funny) jokes make this a joy.

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October 9-25, Evenings at 7:30pm, Matinees 2:30pm

Comedy by Neil Simon

George, a recent widower is encouraged by his brother Leo to start dating again. This sends George into even more depression after a series of bad matches. Then Leo comes up with Jennie Malone, and she's a keeper. Still, it's a bumpy trip on the road to Dreamland for these not-so-young lovers. 

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  • Adult: $20
  • Student: $18
  • Senior: $18
  • Active Military: $18

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