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The deepest point in the world’s oceans is the Mariana Trench, located in the Western Pacific, at 6.8 miles. If you’re familiar with Milwaukee, imagine being in Bay View, maybe grabbing a cup of coffee, and then driving north all the way to Lake Park. That’s about the same distance as the bottom of the sea.

Just as the ocean holds mysteries unfathomly far below the surface, music also offers realms waiting to be explored. Each note, measure, or movement is the opportunity for a captivating journey, descending into a world of limitless possibilities. While the depths of our oceans provide enchanting creatures and
uncharted waters, the depths of music take us on a journey that explores emotion, reveals passions, and inspires transformation.

This year, we hope you’ll go for a deep dive with us. Join the composers, musicians, and the other audience members to immerse yourself in the depths of music and creativity. Rediscover the extraordinary power they hold to transform and elevate the human experience.

Come on in. The water’s fine.

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The Concord Chamber Orchestra is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity.

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