Cloak and Dagger
In this spoof of “Casablanca,” the usual suspects appear—a fortune hunter, a crook, and a spy—but in this case, they take the form of a Texas cowgirl, a mysterious damsel in distress, and a tone-deaf café singer. It’s 1942, and with World War II raging in Europe, Nick, a cynical café owner in northern Africa, has to constantly be on the lookout for enemy spies. A fortune-teller warns Nick that a mysterious, murderous spy will appear at the café wearing a cloak and carrying a hidden dagger. But when five women appear at the café wearing cloaks and carrying hidden daggers, the warning doesn’t prove too helpful. And to top if off, one of the women is Nick’s long-lost love, Lola! Then when a shadowy businessman is found dead with a dagger stuck in his back, Nick elicits the help of his waiter, Ziggy, to expose the spy before another customer turns up dead.

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