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Domestic Bliss is an Original play written by our own Brad Six. Set in 1899 a group of progressive women promote a book about women's health, an actual anonymously authored book published in 1897, as a fundraising effort. They get the author to present it to the audience. How the book, and its contents, impact each of their lives is where the fun, humorous action happens. Each woman uses the book to help herself, in different ways. Though set in the past, the ideas in the play are very modern and on topic today. The cast consists of 6 women and five men which range from early twenties to sixties. There are 5 really great female lead roles with the fun Male roles being supportive. The play is fast paced and upbeat.

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"Beauty IS a Beast" is the story of Princess Beauty who is beautiful on the outside but ugly on the inside. Her fairy godmother decides to teach her a lesson by turning Beauty inside out. Audiences of all ages will enjoy this play with an important message... that true beauty comes from the heart.
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