Whose Child Am I Anyway?

by Bisi Adigun
Directed by Bobby Bermea
with Don Kenneth Mason, Danielle Weathers, and Celia Torres

Jun 18 – Jul 18, 2021

Audio play (30 minutes run time)

Though Nigerian Biyi has been living in Ireland for years, he struggles to be accepted by the "land of a thousand welcomes." His wife, Cathy, and his daughter, Roisin, are his safe haven — until the arrival of an unexpected letter...

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Pretty Proud Boy

by Rosaleen McDonagh
Directed by Gemma Whelan
with Deanna Wells and Zak Westfall

May 21 – Jun 20, 2021

Audio play (30 minutes run time)

A mother and her son at a crossroads — what do we do when those closest to us become violent strangers? Pretty Proud Boy explores the pressing and timely issues of fascist white supremacy, the threat of COVID-19, and the impact of the Black Lives Matter movement, and how these global events have impacted Irish Travellers, an indigenous ethnic minority in Ireland.

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