2013 - 2014 Season

March 28- April 19, 2014: William Shakespeare’s “Henry IV: Part 1 & 2”. After usurping the throne from King Richard II, King Henry finds he has inherited a country in chaos. Rebellions abound, lines are being drawn and one false step could plunge the country into civil war. To make matters worse, his son Hal (now heir to the throne) has forsaken his duties at court and taken up with a band of brigands under the charge of that notorious drunkard and pot-bellied prankster, Sir John Falstaff. Don’t miss the exciting second installment of CSC’s history cycle, as Shakespeare’s game of thrones continues.
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May 2- 25, 2014: William Shakespeare’s “The Two Noble Kinsmen”. Captured and imprisoned during war, two friends become impassioned rivals as they fall in love with the beautiful princess Emilia. Deceit and fighting arise in this romance, as Palamon and Arcite both vie for the princess’ love. Originally derived from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, do not miss out as CSC presents the final story in the quest to Complete the Canon!
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June 6- 29, 2014: “Private Lives” by Noel Coward. Amanda and Elyot’s first marriage was so vicious it nearly killed them, so imagine their surprise when five years later, each remarried and on their respective honeymoons, they find themselves in adjacent suites. The sparks start flying, and soon reignite a passion too powerful to fight. Noel Coward’s trademark wit sparkles in this urbane comedy about the fine line between love and loathing.
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$26- $32

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