Written & Adapted by Tim Crouch
Created by Tim Crouch & Spymonkey

For ages 16 and up! Masks required for all performances.

Preview March 16
Opens March 17
Closing April 1
Performances are at 8pm in the Black Box with two 3pm Matinees available: Saturday March 25th and April 1.

Curio takes on Spymonkey's fabulously hilarious Shakespearian bloodbath!

All 74 onstage Shakespearean deaths in 90 minutes - 75 if you count the ill-favoured fly killed in Titus Andronicus.
Roman suicides in Julius Caesar, the death fall of Prince Arthur in King John, the carnage at the end of Hamlet, snakes in a basket in Antony & Cleopatra, Pyramus and Thisbe, young Macduff! Countless stabbings, severed heads, poisonings, mobbings and a smothering - hell Enorbarbus just sits in a ditch and dies from grief. And don't get us started about the pie that Titus serves the Queen of the Goths!

THE COMPLETE DEATHS opened in May 2016 at Brighton Festival to acclaim from audiences and critics alike, and has been delighting audiences around the world since then - a solemn, sombre, life-affirming and sublimely funny tribute to Shakespeare and death.

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