Registration is now offline. To register, please go to the Cook Off on the day of the event.


To reserve a cook site you MUST COOK CHILI. 

Instructions for ADD-ON SCREEN:

Enter the number of chili recipes that will be cooked at each site. 

If you are reserving MORE THAN ONE cook site, the number of recipes indicated at both sites must total the number of recipes to be entered.

Limit: 2 Sites MAXIMUM per Team

Each site with 1 recipe is $50

For 2 recipes at a site, add an additional $50

For 3 recipes at a site, add an additional $100

For 2 sites and 1 recipe TOTAL  $100.

Additional armbands $11 each.

Having 2 sites without an additional recipe does not entitle teams to additional armbands, T-shirts, apron or flag.