A Charlie Brown Christmas / It's a Wonderful Neverland

For our Christmas show in early December, we have a double-header of one-act plays. Neverland mashes up Peter Pan with the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life, positing what life for the lost boys would be like if Pan had never existed. Following that is the classic story of A Charlie Brown Christmas, adapted for the stage, with all of Charles Schultz’s trademark warmth, worry, humor, and hope that his writing is known for.

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Marvelous Wonderettes: Dream On

Back by popular demand, we are proud to present the latest installment in the Wonderettes series for our February show. Dream On follows the same cast of characters: in the first act, a retirement party for a favorite teacher in 1969 providing a handy frame story on which to hang some of best girl-group hits of the 60s. We fast-forward ten years for the second act, where, in the setting of a class reunion, the tunes change to the classic pop and rock of the 70s!

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Circus Olympus

Closing out our season is our spring Children’s show, a string of light-hearted retellings of ancient Greek myths and legends in dramatic (and comedic!) form. All the favorites of the Greek canon get a retelling here: meddling gods, clever mortals, fiendish monsters, and courageous heroes.

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When buying season tickets, you must buy them in complete batches of four tickets (one of each show) for the season discount to kick in. If you did it right, the checkout screen should list the individual ticket price as $11.25 each (before the $1 per ticket fee gets applied).
NOTE: Playing Dead not included in the season ticket package, and is not necessary to include in your purchase to get the season ticket discount.

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